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Almond organic 600 g in resealable and freshness retaining zip-lock bag. Year of Crop: 2017   Country of Origin: Spain  DE-ÖKO-039

Almond is a highly nutritional nut and a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium. It also contains zinc, selenium, copper, and niacin. Compared to all other nuts, they are richer in nutrients and beneficial components. Almonds are the seeds of the fruits cultivated from the almond tree. The Almond (Prunus dulcis) are native to the Middle East, South Europe, India, and North Africa. They are now found in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel as well. They are known to have great medicinal value and are good in taste. These are the main reasons why so many people proactively add them to their diet.

Almonds health benefits:

  • Boost Brain health – a rich source of many nutrients which help in the development and health of the human brain. They have been connected to a higher intellectual level and they have long been considered an essential food item for growing children. These dry fruits also contain two vital brain nutrients, riboflavin, and L-carnitine, which have been shown to increase brain activity, resulting in new neural pathways and a decreased occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Healthy Skin – almond oil massages are often recommended for newborn babies. Almond milk is also added to some soaps, because of their well-established reputation for improving the complexion of skin.
  • Amplify Energy production – presence of manganese, copper, and riboflavin in almonds helps in energy production and metabolic rate. If you are on the go, a handful of these dry fruits can get you through the day without filling you up with calories or fat.
  • Weight loss – studies have shown that people who regularly consume almonds are far more likely to remain at their ideal weight, rather than those who rarely or never consume almonds and suffer from weight fluctuations. Finally, the fiber contributes to consistent bowel movements, which helps in weight loss and the general health of the body through the elimination of toxins.

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